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 I N T R O D U C I N G

T H E  S T A G E  S H O W

OPENING September 2020 at the Rose Center Theater

To be announced! 


Rose Center Theater
14140 All American Way
Westminster, CA 92683


Casting the World Premiere of Waiting In The Wings: The Musical based on the 2014 film.


Prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre selection. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring a current headshot and resume. Be prepared to dance. We are seeking strong male and female dancers for the ensemble and many of the lead/supporting roles.  Please Bring tap shoes if you tap. Non-Union. No pay.

Performance Dates: September 18th, 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th

Rehearsals Begin: To be announced 

Director: Tim Nelson
Choreographer: Arianna Hyatt

Written By:  Jeffrey A Johns and Arie Gonzalez

(All roles open to any ethnic background.)


Tony (Lead)

Baritone - Singer/Basic Movement (late 30’s) Attractive and he knows it. Uses his body to get what he needs out of life. Likable, only lives in the moment, a stripper with no future and a touch of the oblivious.

Delores (Lead)

Alto - Singer (late 50s/60s) Secretary of a production company, but dreams of being on the stage. Her performance dreams came later in life, but feels she's as talented as any Broadway star and just hasn't been given a chance. She would run over her mother with a car if it meant she'd be a star.

Rita (Lead) 

Soprano -Singer/Strong Dancer (30s) Musical theatre girl, successful at everything she does, outgoing, proactive, ambitious, quick-witted, with a knack for "fixing" people.

Lee (Lead)

Tenor - Singer/Dancer (30s) Stripper that is the known as “the helpful hottie." Sincere, sweet, charming, former ballet dancer turned stripper.

Ethel (Supporting)

Basic Singing, No Dancing Required (70s) Montana church lady with a flair, loves the arts, and Anthony's acting teacher since he was just a boy. Despite the age difference, Ethel and Anthony are very close friends and consider themselves kindred spirits.

Tony's Mom (Supporting)

Alto -Singer, No Dancing Required (Late 60s) Always trying to protect Tony and look out for his well-being and his future. Hates that her son makes his living being a stripper.

Kelsey (Supporting)

Baritone -Singer/Basic Movement (50s) Drag queen and host of the strip show. Can have a rough exterior, but has a kind heart. Serves as the momma to the boys at the strip club.

Trevor (Supporting)

No Singing or Dancing Required (40s) Anthony's boyfriend. Always cleaning up the mess Anthony makes of his life. At his wit's ends with all of Anthony's antics. Has become more a parent than boyfriend to Anthony.

Gina (Supporting)

Alto - Singer/Basic Movement (30s) Musical theatre performer. Fiery, talented, out for herself, loud-mouth with a tendency to lead with an insult and think later.

Peter (Supporting)

Tenor - Singer/Strong Dancer (30s) Musical theatre performer. Flamboyant, gay, playful, a bit sassy, and always has men on his mind. Extremely strong dancer.

Michael (Supporting)

No Singing or Dancing Required (50s) Director and choreographer of the Off-Broadway musical. Not amused by the theatre misfits that were cast in the show. He is gay, sarcastic, and has little patience for people with little talent. He feels he should be working on bigger projects.

Sperm Bank Receptionist (Supporting)

Alto Singer/Basic Movement (50s) She is an abrasive customer service representative in a delicate industry.

Daryl (Supporting)

No Singing or Dancing Required (60s) Head of the production company that produces strip shows. Loves money. Doesn't care what he does as long as it is bringing in the big bucks.

Beau (Supporting)

No Singing/Basic Movement (30s) Stripper that loves to create drama. The Southern stud with a bitter soul.

Brian (Supporting)

No Singing/Basic Movement (20s) Stripper that is obsessed with social media. He knows everything about everyone. Playful and fun.

Members of the ensemble will play the smaller roles in the show. Many featured dance and vocal solos.

For more information, feel free to contact

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