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JJ Spotlight Productions was created in 2012 to launch Waiting in the Wings: The Musical. Since then, JJ Spotlight Productions has created 2 feature films and a full scale stage adaptation of  Waiting In The Wings: The Musical. JJ Spotlight Productions is a company that has an access to a wide network of talent to assemble a top-notch creative team.  Our goal is to create film and theatrical productions that entertain, inspire creativity, and are emotionally-engaging.

Jeffrey A Johns Headshot 310 948

Jeffrey A. Johns is a producer, writer, director, actor, singer, dancer and founder of JJ Spotlight Productions.   Since he was old enough to talk, Jeffrey found himself on the stage performing.  Even if no one was watching, he sang and danced his heart out like he was starring in a Broadway show.  Jeffrey’s imagination was always running wild and thinking of new and original ideas so it was no surprise when Jeffrey released his first children’s book, “Have You Ever Tried To Stop The Rain?”  While he was playing around with bigger scripts and projects, after his appearance on “America’s Got Talent," he was hooked on becoming more involved in the industry.  He combined his love for writing with his passion for film and theatre and created JJ Spotlight Productions.

See what it's like to work with JJ Spotlight Productions!​

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